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In Sanskrit means "The Best", or A GOD
Person 1- Do see that dude that is powning out there?

Person 2- Yeah, he is so a Shray
by RANDOMAWSOMEKID!!!&$& April 12, 2011
Shray - origin "sanskrit"

meaning "CREDIT" and "WONDERFUL"

used in Hindi for "giving credit to someone" for doing something.
the credit(shray) for organising this meet goes to xyz!

isse sajaane kaa SHRAY xyz ko jaata hai!

shrey shreya shreyas shray
by ghost1226 April 29, 2013
Verb. after a large joint, we were looking for a word to describe how pants tear apart at the bottom from dragging on the side walk. Thus entered shray -- halfway from shred to fray.
ex1: I'd buy american eagle jeans, if they didn't shray after a day of walking around.
ex2: Shray is a verb.
ex3: Are you sure shray isn't a word?
by Bitch Ass Ho. March 05, 2005
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