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When engaging in anal with a woman, the woman craps diarrhea on your penis, effectively spraying it on and around your penis, usually in the pubic region.
Man: Aww yeah..

Woman: Oh shit..

Man: Wha- ohgodohgodohgod u just shotgunned me?!?

Woman: Sorry..

Man: Sorry?!?! Get the fuck out!
by JiggleMaster69 October 15, 2012
when one goes down on a girl and she surprise squirts you in the face.
I went down on Cait the other night and holy shit she shotgunned me!
by cind3rsn0w November 05, 2010
The act of simultaneously jerking off a man and putting a phallic up his anus when kneeling in front.
Thankfully Californication clarified what being shotgunned was before I took the art student up on her offer.
by Scientifically accurate June 19, 2012
Getting owned by a shotgun.
I just shotgunned you!
by Darin Number 2 April 18, 2007

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