the act of pelting someone with one's footware (shoe)
shoeing became popular after that famous Iraqi reporter tried to pelt George W. Bush with his shoe
by extreme133 March 24, 2011
Top Definition
To violently beat another - literally a shoe In.Also see hiding.
Lamp him give the bastad a shoeing
by El Cholo May 09, 2004
In Rugby, to rake an opponant with your studs to move him out out of the way as he is in an illegal position. Some players take this a little too far and will stamp on players causing damage.
Back was given a good shoeing for being on the wrong side of the ruck
by Son of Ronin June 20, 2004
when one spills their drink, they have to down their next drink out of their shoe
'Spillage! shoe it!'

'you spilt that? shoeing time!'
by ConDoc December 11, 2007
Fulfilling the act of being a shoe
Often related to loss of dignity and independence.
E.g. : Person 1: Where's Bobby tonight
Person 2: He's shoeing
Person 1: Ow....
by larvin June 15, 2008
the act of smoking weed or being high
man last night we shoed with heathers brother, he was shoeing his f-ing brains off
by dvern April 01, 2008
The act of pooping in ones trousers with runny poo and proceding to tread it in to the carpet with ones shoes.
Dave: oh man I've got to go

Mum: don't go shoeing again! The vax has worked overtime lately!!
by jaycool20 June 12, 2008
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