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A person who displays willfully ignant traits.
"Ya Ignant Bastad!"
"Ya Stupid Bastad!"
"Ya Cheap Bastad!"
by Evil Haider May 09, 2007
the way a new york and people from certain parts of jersey say bastard.

Plural: basta'ds
"Basta'd! I didn't know who you were!"

"Ah, you basta'd."

"What am I an asshole? Fuck you, ya basta'd!"
by YoungAuthorXVIII March 04, 2009
A word that is cooler to use that the full word "bastard"
Its a commen insult in the St. Louis, Missouri area.
"A little on tha butta, ya bastad"
"hey, ya bastad, get back here."
by BennyTea October 02, 2006
Basta'd - N. (Proper)

A joking way of calling someone a bastard. Used with friends.
"That's because Karen is a dumb basta'd."
by Greatflakes June 10, 2004

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