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an unfunnny/offensive joke in which the teller is the only one laughing
Eric: could you pass the bacon
Alex: I could pass the bitch, assmouth
Eric:...that was a shmoodle Alex
by redgoat42 June 24, 2009
v.The act of sucking up, flirting, Facebook Stalking, getting all over something, to be (or acting) gay. Usually what saprins do.
Don't shmoodle!
by Wordman on the track March 22, 2010
To own our completely dominate something or someone.
Guy 1: Dude, i totally just shmoodled that test.

Guy 2: niiice!
by shmoodle9 January 17, 2012
having a smooch & having a coudle at the same time.
Aww. you'se are having a shmoodle! how cute.
by chompiie December 27, 2007
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