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The cheese like substance found under the foreskin of an unclean, uncircumcised penis.
While Tom was in the shower, he cleaned the shmigma from his wang.
by OhMyGoo December 17, 2004
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Perspiration of the scrotal area, more commonly called ball juice/sweat. Is very salty in taste and goes good with venison.
Hahaha you just got your dad's shmigma all over my face! Silly boy.
by oaf November 29, 2003
When one doesnet clean the head of his penis (one with a foreskin) and gets a goey green shit comming out of the head of their nob
Man that guy has some awful shmigma
by devon April 24, 2003
A Cheese like fungus that grows on the foreskin of dirty/ uncircumcised wangs
The monkey had to eat the shmigma off of its penis because he thought it was cheese.
by John Shmigma February 22, 2005

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