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One who cleans out his own arsehole with his index finger after he shits in somewhere other than a toilet.
John Crick: Shitfinger!
by TheEveryman May 16, 2009
An insult meaning that a person metaphorically has his/her fingers covered in shit. A synonym for 'shit disturber'.
"Way to go shitfingers! Things were running smooth until you started asking too many questions!"
by King Byron July 25, 2008
The result when one's finger(s) rip through the toilet paper and protrude into the anus during post-defecation cleanup.
This cheap goddamn toilet paper again? I get shitfinger every time I wipe with this.
by Joe_C388 May 17, 2011
a person who scratches their ass and smells it

someone whose hands smell like shit
Get away from me with your shitfinger!

Stop scratching your ass you shitfinger!
by Sonny Black Monster December 16, 2008
The act wherein someone's preseence or actions ruins a given situation; especially, but not limited to, sporting events.
Steve really shit fingered the Mets game by watching at the apartment instead of at Cailin's.
Scotty really shit fingered me when he placed the same bet on the Notre Dame game.
by Sdmx October 15, 2006
A wad of toilet paper, tightly twisted into a finger like shape, used to gouge any residual shit from your asshole.
I had a little bit of a turd left hanging, so I used a shit-finger to take care of it.
by The.Noof July 10, 2008
1. When everything you touch turns to shit.

2. Fucking up at work due to an illness.
"I tried to install that new shelf I bought, but my case of shit fingers caused me to put the hammer through the wall instead."

"I was so out of it from a head cold, I shutdown the SAN."
by Otsep February 23, 2009
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