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When you are very Intoxicated and start posting things on a social network that you would NEVER post if you were sober.
Frank: "What the hell dude"
Jim: "What?'
Frank: "You said you wanted to fuck my wife on facebook last night"
Jim: "Oh fuck, I think I was shitfacebooking last night."
Frank: "You're Fired" (Punches Jim in the face)
by chuckerman September 19, 2009
Posting or chatting on facebook when you've had too much to drink.
She even spelled her own name wrong while shitfacebooking last night.
by Miss Minnesota February 03, 2010
When you get on FaceBook there when you're "shit-faced", it's "shit-facebooking"
Hey, last night I was shit-facebooking...and I was so drunk I could not even type!
by bebi_ar September 12, 2009
The act of posting random, sometimes rambling nonsense or eruptions of garbled logic as a result of imbibing alcohol or other intoxicants.
"Sorry for my long post last night -- I had what I thought were some good story ideas, so I posted them on FB. Today, though, it appears I had too much wine and was just shit-Facebooking."


"Ignore Jacob's lame jokes on his page. I happen to know he had some buddies over last night and they were shit-Facebooking."


Shit-Facebooking is the new Drunk Dialing.
by dailywordnerd May 05, 2010
The act of stalking pictures, searching for fun, trolling, or in general navigating Facebook while intoxicated.
Corrine posts: LOLZ OMFG I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT. I mis you we should chill sometime <3.

Luke: Wow, don't tell me that you're shit-facebooking
by theKaramanukian June 22, 2011
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