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When you are very Intoxicated and start posting things on a social network that you would NEVER post if you were sober.
Frank: "What the hell dude"
Jim: "What?'
Frank: "You said you wanted to fuck my wife on facebook last night"
Jim: "Oh fuck, I think I was shitfacebooking last night."
Frank: "You're Fired" (Punches Jim in the face)
#face book #drunk #fucked up #posting #bad shit
by chuckerman September 19, 2009
v. The act of blowing a load all over the face of a 250+ pound girl after she gives you really good oral sex (and she will because she has to).
I had to thank that heffer for the amazing BJ so I gave her an ultimate pork basting! I think I glued her eyes shut.
by chuckerman May 02, 2005
When the lips of a womans pussy are long and flappy, usually due to extreme use and/or abuse.
DAMN! The bitch in this porn has NASTY fish flank steaks, they hang down to her knees.
#pussy #hang low #porn #lips #booze #late
by chuckerman April 27, 2006
Toxic breath smelling of ass and/or feces
That skank wanted to kiss after she gave me a rusty trumbone but she had supascatafecalisticrectalhalitosis so I kicked her in the twat!
by chuckerman April 22, 2005
The more BUTCH person in a gay relationship.
Tad almost seems straight.

Yeah. He's definetly the fagsband.
#butch #gay #fag #husband #querr
by chuckerman July 14, 2009
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