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a person who shits so much it is just like a factory for shit
people: hey look it's the shit machine!!
annie tajljaard: hey guyysss.
by melonss August 16, 2010
negative term for a baby, or young child, refering to the concept that all they do is make shit.
"ugh, I guess you need a new diaper, shit machine."
by Brian November 03, 2004
A useless person, a "waste of space", who consumes resources but produces nothing but shit.
That guy's useless - he's a real shit machine!
by Prairiefire May 17, 2010
(noun) One who shits very often and usually makes the surrounding area smell bad for a long period of time... even after you spray Lysol or Oust...
Hey what's that smell?

Oh sorry, It's my Dad... he's a shitmachine.

Did you spray any Oust?

No, It doesn't help anyway.
by lolokthatfunny November 15, 2009
1. A general term for someone who is an annoying douchebag.
"Hey, that girl just slapped me!"
"Whoa, what a little shit machine!"
by Kaylin May 05, 2004