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An unusually large penis. Large in both length and girth. A Godzilla Penis is said to be so good it can actually rip a girl in half, not simply make her feel like she's being ripped in half.

In Japan, the Godzilla Penis is a legendary penis, said to belong to a hero who will save the world from destruction.

Police Officer: 911, what's your emergency?

Man: Um, I think I killed my girlfriend.

Police Officer: What happened?

Man: I split her in half with my Godzilla Penis when we tried to have sex! Oh God! Oh God what have I done?!


"Long ago, a prophecy foretold of a hero from a land far to the east saving the world with his giant penis. A penis of Godzilla proportions. Known as the Godzilla Penis."
by FatJackson October 16, 2009
A giant shit that you almost can't get out. It's like giving birth through your asshole. Usually it tears the anal ring and you bleed. And sometimes the demon can infect the wound. The only way to prevent these demons from occurring is through anal exercises.
"RELEASE THE BUTT DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by FatJackson September 25, 2009
A Shit Machine Gun is an explosion of shit from your ass when you bend over. It needs to have enough force to actually shoot, or fly, and not just fall, from your ass. The consistency is moderate; somewhat watery, somewhat chunky. Mild diarrhea is good for producing a powerful shit machine gun.
"Dude, I fired a wicked powerful shit machine gun the other day. It put a hole in the wall!"

"Yesterday I gave Sarah a shit machine gun and now she's in the hospital with a broken rib."
by FatJackson October 14, 2009
An Orcish Lair is a place where tribes of Orcs tend to gather, awaiting a coming battle. It can also refer to a place where Orcs simply live and do what Orcs do.

An Orcish Lair can also refer to one's asshole, more specifically a nasty shit-encrusted asshole. The only way to kill the Orcs that inhabit this Orcish Lair, however, is to pierce it with one's elven staff of power.
Knight: The Orcs are gathering their numbers, sire!

King: Where?!

Knight: The Orcish Lair beyond the forest!

"Last night I shoved my elven staff of power into this chick's orcish lair. When I pulled it out it had brown orc blood on it. Smelled like rotting orcs, too."
by FatJackson October 16, 2009
An act that seems to be catching popularity in high schools across the United States, where one male will sneak up on another male from behind and grab his nut sack, producing a humorous reaction.

Although grabbagging would appear to be quite gay, it isn't considered as such, and instead is just thought to be another form of "boys will be boys" horsing around. Most boys that do it tend to claim they are straight.
1. Teacher 1: "Did you just see that, Mr. Rosenberg?! Tyler just grabbed another student's testicles!"

Teacher 2: "Oh, don't worry about that. Tyler was just grabbagging him."

2. "Hey, Steve, did you see when I grabbagged Kevin yesterday? He screamed like a pussy."

3. "Dude, did you just grabbag Shawn? Sounds like it hurt."
by FatJackson November 28, 2009
1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders.

2. A person who owns or frequently rides a Harley.
"Dammit! Every time I try to have a nice quiet evening with my girl, those fucking fags have to ride by on their fucking Harleys!"
by FatJackson November 12, 2009

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