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Wanking whilst sitting down and having a shit, as it makes the shitting far more enjoyable, and also much, much easier

Damn, I had a really good shit wank today....

Oh, that shit wanking makes shitting so much nicer and easier

I was turtling, and at the same time feeling really horny, so I sat down and had a good shit wank...
by Bibbo November 16, 2006
Having a wank whilst taking a shit...
"No sex for me love i just had a hench shitwank"
by Intervallo March 25, 2009
A total and complete dickoff in wich no one likes.
holy shit, jerrys such a wannbe ganster, I HATE THAT SHIT WANK!
by mama lover April 13, 2005
Defecating in your hands before masturbating furiously.
Dude, i totally shitwanked over you the other night
by Hitokiri Neo December 21, 2008
A common insult with the same meaning as twat dickhead wanker etc.
Your such a shitwank!
by Wazzlefazzle177 March 08, 2008
A wank that is so bloody rubbish it could be described as being shit. A Shit Wank.
Having completed the first 100 lap endurance race of many on Gran Turismo, I thought I'd reward myself with a nice bit of self-pleasure. I wish I hadn't bothered though. It was a shit wank.
by Silas T. Oysterburger September 25, 2008
Using your shit as a lube when you wank. Also known as defecation-masturbation.
There's nothing better than a shit wank, except maybe a banana wank.
by David is a gay January 23, 2007
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