1. when a person tries to go on you or jone you and it's not a good one so then you say "SHIPWRECK"

2. a good jone
EX. 1. someone says a jone

Boy: haha you just got fried like fried chicken
*awkward silence*



Boy: i cant believe that she joned me

Boy 2: aw no! she shipwrecked you!

Boy: yeah man.

Boy 2: How Bad?

Boy: like titanic.
by raygreenlove January 07, 2012
A state of body (see example)
I woke up in the morning like a shipwreck, Broken mast and dead seaman everywhere
by Ruglas September 22, 2004
Full insertion of one man's penis into another man's urethra.
Man, I'm so worn out from getting ship wrecked last night, I can't get any work done.
by Danger328 March 29, 2008
a huge amount of semen all over the other person.
"Dude, I totally shipwrecked that bitches face!"
by Andrew Font. June 19, 2008
All hands on deck, seamen running everywhere.
John was reading a porno mag, he turned to the Miss November centrefold and before he knew it there was a ship wreck. All hands on dick and seamen running everywhere
by Ken Bennedy August 09, 2006
A woman that looks good from the neck down, but could sink a ship from the neck up.
That woman has a nice body from the back, but when she turned around.....BANG! Shipwreck!
by CAdams March 08, 2005
Be siting next to someone in school, and as your friend walks by the victim yell SHIPWRECK! Then you and your friend knock over his desk on to him so it pushes him down and squishes him. Then when the teacher sees or hears it, make it look like it was the victims fault fault.
Me- SHIPWRECK! *lifts desk*
Friend- rawr! *pushes victims desk on to him*
Victim- Aagh! What the fuck!?
Teacher-Did you just say the F-word?
Victim- What? No! Well yes but-
Teacher- Go to the office right now!
*Victim leaves*
Me and my Friend- lol
by Blunderbuss666 June 03, 2009

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