the 2nd most sensitive part of your body after the balls or ur tits
guy: hey you bitch thats my ice cream *kicks guy in the shin*

guy 2: ahh you bastard!!! you kicked me in the shin!!

guy: your lucky I didn't kick you in the balls
by i like ice cream bitch November 03, 2009
A non technical device used when in the dark to find such objects as the coffe table
walking through the living room in the dark to have your shin cracked off the coffe table in imense pain
by dew hursts October 12, 2008
useless part of paul frascos body
ahh why the fuck do i have shins they keep fucking me up
by soxfan86 April 12, 2009
A device used for finding furniture in a dark room.
While searching the garage last night, I found my old desk, but now I've got a bruise on my shin the size of an elephant.
by smiley_bob October 28, 2010
A sexy beast.

e.i; The lower male sex organ.
"Pet my shin any time."
by Anonymous December 16, 2003
part just below the knee that u can use to kick at someone with
i'm gonna shin her face in.

her back side needs shining over.
by Georgenie October 10, 2007
japanese prefix that when preceding the name of a type of sword (e.g. katana, wakisashi, etc) means "razor-sharp".
He must me confident as he is performing this kata with a shin-katana.
by Quadropus August 09, 2007

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