An Asian-American who thinks he is a guido. Enjoys tanning, waxing eyebrows, spiking his asian hair, and saying that he goes to the gym.
I can't believe that stupid Shin is here again.
by Sean Flyboy October 15, 2006
A device used to find furniture in the dark.
"Don't worry honey, I'm okay, I just hit my shin on the coffee table, so the light switch must be close."
by sheetkicker February 09, 2010
a boy
particularlly from hawaii
life = football
expert at making spam musubis
an ass and titties man
" damn fool, hes hella shin'n right now "

" he must be a shin, look at the way he plays football"
by poooopface May 24, 2008
A football coach, usually a high school football coach, who is white, slightly fat and talks abotu gettying laid to his players.
"hey look here comes shin" shin-" hey i got laid last night it was hella tite, and Dehart way to be a haus!"
by zazaksdfjhoiufh January 11, 2007 lie
2. A pathetic story with no meaning, none of it is true.
1'Don't shin me!' would mean ' Don't lie to me!'
2.'Another one of her Shin's'
by Rocking Ro June 12, 2004
The former ruler of Project Mayhem.
Shin ran out of bandwidth and hasn't been able to get it up in months.
by ThatOneDude02 September 10, 2003

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