Under your knee and over your foot.I like kicking people there.

Debbie has a pretty shin

by TheWiggidy October 10, 2003
Top Definition
a device for finding furniture in the dark.
Walking to the toilet at 2am, I hit my shin on the chair.
by reggie_lurve July 02, 2005
adj. In Japanese, it can have several connotations, and the meaning depends in the following word:

1.- true, real, original
2.- sacred, holy, saint
3.- evil

In general terms, you will find this word used in videogames, anime and manga.
by El Mercenario September 19, 2003
An asian that acts white and is never too normal; considered a "pimp" in some cultures.
Wow Shin, you're the BEST!
by Shin_asian October 15, 2008
chinese character meaning 'truth' or 'trust'. name of a wandering shinobi. see also kevin s aka shin kagawa
but then again, who trusts a ninja?
by Shin May 11, 2005
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