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a device for finding furniture in the dark.
Walking to the toilet at 2am, I hit my shin on the chair.
by reggie_lurve July 02, 2005
The surname if the Simpsons and Flanders came together as one family.
"If this were a better place, we'd all be known as the Flimpsons."
by reggie_lurve August 15, 2004
A cross between a pig and a pegasus - proof that pigs can fly.
"I think i'll give you a million dollars....when pigasus fly!"
by reggie_lurve August 15, 2004
falling in love instantly
"Christina, you are so bejiggety!"
by reggie_lurve August 22, 2004
someone with the intelligence of a fig.
"1+1 is 2, you figwit!"
by reggie_lurve August 15, 2004

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