God-like moderator of the Codename:Network Forums, absolutely 1337 in every way possible, can do all the stuff that Jesus can and more. Upon hearing the word, you may feel a sence of inspiration from God, and can draw your energy from the all-mighty Shifty!

See also - Rufus'Pwner
1) That post was so worthwile and non-senseless, I thought it was one of Shiftys!

2)You are so cool, you are like a Shifty in the making.
Shifty is a word used to denote the calibur of an item of person. Mad may be used to enhance shifty to its fullest extent.
What the crap?! That round of BulletTime Fighting was mad shifty.
by Clark November 12, 2003
Boner, erection.
To chuck a shifty.
by acky December 04, 2003
1) To be relating to or acting like Hans
2) To be sketchy or shady
That guy Hans, always wearin his glasses inside and whatnot, looks like hes hella shifty!
by Hanz-Viktor October 01, 2014

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