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A cross between being shit and fucked.
Person A: "I got shicked today."
Person B: "You're shit but still managed to get fucked? How did you get away with that?"
by Rammi April 13, 2011
<interjection> Chiefly Anglo-Scottish Slang;
Used to express a sexual attraction to another person.

--> The term is abnormal; There is no definite rule to using the word. Although, being an interjection, a rule of thumb would be to use it in the same way as "Wow." It is kind of the same as saying, "Hey, I want to shag you!" only in a single word.
As with most slang, the only way you can use it is how you feel it should be used...
ALLY: "Hey Stu!"

... Did that make it any clearer?
by Stuart Fletcher May 10, 2005
shicked is a term used to describe when you are so shocked that you soil oneself.
i cant belive you're really a man, i am quite shicked!
by Marvie October 23, 2005
A phrase to substitute for having the shit kicked out of oneself or another.
"He totally shicked me."

"If you end up fighting him, you'll get shicked."

"I'm going to make sure he's thoroughly shicked if he keeps that up."
by Senojim May 15, 2010

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