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texting your friends, loved ones or even your annoying co-workers whilst taking a dump on the porcelain throne. Shitting plus texting equals shexting.
Robert got an important text while shitting, so was forced to use the shexting method
by trannykingtuck January 27, 2007
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The act of taking a shit while texting with a mobile device.
I was shexting in the bathroom, that's why I took so long...
by ramiro_sierra February 09, 2012
Texting while taking a shit.
Texter 1: I'm bored, what are you doing?

Texter 2: On the toilet..

Texter 1: Err, why?

Texter 2: I love shexting.
by DDFL May 14, 2011
Texting someone/someones that you know will respond before you are done taking a shit. Could perhaps prolong a shit if there are many respondents. This will result in crusty ass syndrome and it will be more difficult to wipe.
I was shexting this girl from the other night and she wants to go out with me

I have had the squirts all day so I've just been left with playing videogames and shexting my friends
by titoliston October 24, 2011
The art of texting when shitting, also texting someone while they are shiitng when you are shitting
When I was on the toilet, I was shexting Amber. She was also on the toilet and she was shexting me back.
by Mario from the Burgh March 20, 2009
Texting while your in the bathroom.
I was updating my Facebook at dropping a duece at the same time. Shitting and texting+SHEXTING.
by WhiskeyWednesdayREPRESENT February 24, 2011
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