the art of texting whilst taking a shit

SHEXTEE – the recipient of the shitty text.
SHEXTOR – the text shitter, loud and proud.
SHEXTUPLATES – many friends shexting from various bogs around the globe.
Tam : Damn Jimmy, you must have a chronic case of the gary glitters, that’s half a fuckin hour you’ve been in the shitter?

Jimmy : am just shexting tam, its all good.
by peter sutcliffes lovechild July 22, 2011
The act of taking a shit and texting at the same time. It usually results in much longer shitting time than was anticipated. When taken too far it can result in a Shexton or Shit Texting Session.
Guy 1- Hey Bro let's get goin, did you fall in?
Guy 2- I'll be out in a minute.
Guy 1- Dude, you said that 10 minutes ago.
Guy 2- Sorry man, i was shexting and it turned into a shexton.
by theDAN78 November 05, 2009
The skillful yet difficult art of texting in the shower, while trying to keep your phone from getting completely wet.
Jan: "So what are you up to?"

Steve: "Taking a shower. Shexting is a lot harder than it sounds!"
by SPARTAN-111 May 21, 2010
The act of texting while taking a shit. Sometimes, the textee is unaware that the texter is shitting.
Emma and Sara have important conversations while shexting on a regular basis.

Sara (text): hey where are you?
Emma (text):*cough*...bed?
Sara: Mkay
by eeemma_aras January 21, 2009
Sending picture(s) of your feces to your buddie(s) via picture message on your cell phone.
Duder 1: "Hey man did you get that pic I sent you this morning?"

Duder 2: "Fuck yea, that shit was a beast son! Thanks for shexting me that."

Duder 1: "There's plenty more where that came from."
by westfalia December 22, 2009
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