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A word derived from the assistant coach from Penn State who was accused of molesting boys in the shower.

This is a verb used to describe someone who is molesting boys. Can be used to describe one who is being dominated.

Can also be used to describe someone/someones who pick on a person who have little to no control over the situation
I don't want to be a part of that Fraternity. I hear they are Jerry Sanduskying each other.

Are you watching the Bears? They are Jerry Sandusking the Packers right now!
by titoliston November 07, 2011
Texting someone/someones that you know will respond before you are done taking a shit. Could perhaps prolong a shit if there are many respondents. This will result in crusty ass syndrome and it will be more difficult to wipe.
I was shexting this girl from the other night and she wants to go out with me

I have had the squirts all day so I've just been left with playing videogames and shexting my friends
by titoliston October 24, 2011

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