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Sheeple (def.): Any group of people who are perceived (by the user of the term) to hold the majority view on a given matter where said view is in disagreement with the user of the term

Logical note: The term "Sheeple" is most often used as an "Ad Hominem" (for definition, see:
). It is meant to imply that a person or group of people are unthinking conformists who only believe what they believe because (insert conformity-related reason here), and not on any evidential, rational, justified, grounds. For many, this is preferable to actually examining what (if any) grounds a given person might have for their belief(s), s
1. "Anyone who still thinks Lost is a good show after Season 3 is just another example of Sheeple"
2. "You believe that 9-11 wasn't an inside job? Clearly you're a Sheeple."
3. "You think the Holocaust actually happened? Sheeple!"
4. "You don't recognize that Ron Paul is the only politician worth listening to/voting for? You voted for Obama? What a Sheeple!"
5. "You listen to Rush Limbaugh? You're such a Sheeple".
by Kerrigore2 April 13, 2009
38 19
A combination of the words sheep and people to form the word sheeple, cos it sounds better than sheep-people. people who act like sheep, just mindlessly following the herd (or the government).
Neil Patrick Harris: Look at these people, amazing how sheeple show up for the slaughter, no one condemning you lined up like lemmings you're led to the water.
Person 1: You look like a Britney Spears wannabe.
Person 2: It's what all the cool kids are wearing!
Person 1: Sheeple.
Bobbi: Don't you think it's stupid that our tax dollars are going to help enforcing stupid rules like Don't Ask Don't Tell?
Priscilla: But the government tells us to, so we have to!
Bobbi: ?!
Wanda: Yes, we shouldn't question what the government tells us.
Bobbi: Why the hell not?
Leanna: The president is all powerful.
Bobbi: Huh?
Kiki: Bow down to the president.
Bobbi: He's PRESIDENT, not king!
Wesley: The government should be followed without question.
Bobbi: Doesn't that defeat the point of a democracy?
Iliana: Follow the government's orders!
Bobbi: Do I even KNOW you guys?
Franny: Heil Bush.
Bobbi: Whaaaat??! You guys have been brainwashed! Bush isn't even president anymore! You're all such sheeple!
by Emi! December 22, 2009
32 15
A group of people that cannot think for themselves, like a flock of sheep.
Bro 1: Dude, don't they have any ideas of their own?
Bro 2: Nah man, they're a bunch of sheeple; being informed isn't trendy.
by Judith Rose April 12, 2010
24 11
People with no ability to make their own choices. Essentially a conformist. Also known as lemmings, followers, drones, or simply sheep. Singular form is "ewe".
Person A: Why are we headed this way? I thought we were gonna hit the Apple Store.

Person B: I decided we should skip it; it's gonna be crowded with Apple sheeple. Steve Jobs just released some new gadget marginally more useful than the last.
by Intothemooooon October 26, 2010
15 7
a word that arrogant hipsters use to describe people who like popular culture.
"sheeple" like mainstream media.
by boomshika September 13, 2010
15 7
n. A word used to describe people, who, like sheep, wander mindlessly in herds, following their "leader" reagardless of evidence and logic to the contrary.
Sheeple: Who should I vote for?

Liberal: John Baldacci

Conservative: Do you even know what he stands for? He is not...

Sheeple: (Ignoring Conserative Logic) I am going to vote for Baldacci
by Jess Mitchell November 15, 2006
60 54
sheep people: those who follow like a sheep every trend and fad.
My!!, this whole mundo-trasho world is full of trashisocrats,steerage-class and sheeple who only need the 'baah,baah' sound effest effect to complete the task!
by hytham_hammer August 01, 2005
45 39