A combination of the words sheep and people to form the word sheeple, cos it sounds better than sheep-people. people who act like sheep, just mindlessly following the herd (or the government).
Neil Patrick Harris: Look at these people, amazing how sheeple show up for the slaughter, no one condemning you lined up like lemmings you're led to the water.
Person 1: You look like a Britney Spears wannabe.
Person 2: It's what all the cool kids are wearing!
Person 1: Sheeple.
Bobbi: Don't you think it's stupid that our tax dollars are going to help enforcing stupid rules like Don't Ask Don't Tell?
Priscilla: But the government tells us to, so we have to!
Bobbi: ?!
Wanda: Yes, we shouldn't question what the government tells us.
Bobbi: Why the hell not?
Leanna: The president is all powerful.
Bobbi: Huh?
Kiki: Bow down to the president.
Bobbi: He's PRESIDENT, not king!
Wesley: The government should be followed without question.
Bobbi: Doesn't that defeat the point of a democracy?
Iliana: Follow the government's orders!
Bobbi: Do I even KNOW you guys?
Franny: Heil Bush.
Bobbi: Whaaaat??! You guys have been brainwashed! Bush isn't even president anymore! You're all such sheeple!
by Emi! December 22, 2009
Sheeple (def.): Any group of people who are perceived (by the user of the term) to hold the majority view on a given matter where said view is in disagreement with the user of the term

Logical note: The term "Sheeple" is most often used as an "Ad Hominem" (for definition, see:
). It is meant to imply that a person or group of people are unthinking conformists who only believe what they believe because (insert conformity-related reason here), and not on any evidential, rational, justified, grounds. For many, this is preferable to actually examining what (if any) grounds a given person might have for their belief(s), s
1. "Anyone who still thinks Lost is a good show after Season 3 is just another example of Sheeple"
2. "You believe that 9-11 wasn't an inside job? Clearly you're a Sheeple."
3. "You think the Holocaust actually happened? Sheeple!"
4. "You don't recognize that Ron Paul is the only politician worth listening to/voting for? You voted for Obama? What a Sheeple!"
5. "You listen to Rush Limbaugh? You're such a Sheeple".
by Kerrigore2 April 13, 2009
A group of people that cannot think for themselves, like a flock of sheep.
Bro 1: Dude, don't they have any ideas of their own?
Bro 2: Nah man, they're a bunch of sheeple; being informed isn't trendy.
by Judith Rose April 12, 2010
People with no ability to make their own choices. Essentially a conformist. Also known as lemmings, followers, drones, or simply sheep. Singular form is "ewe".
Person A: Why are we headed this way? I thought we were gonna hit the Apple Store.

Person B: I decided we should skip it; it's gonna be crowded with Apple sheeple. Steve Jobs just released some new gadget marginally more useful than the last.
by Intothemooooon October 26, 2010
n. A word used to describe people, who, like sheep, wander mindlessly in herds, following their "leader" reagardless of evidence and logic to the contrary.
Sheeple: Who should I vote for?

Liberal: John Baldacci

Conservative: Do you even know what he stands for? He is not...

Sheeple: (Ignoring Conserative Logic) I am going to vote for Baldacci
by Jess Mitchell November 15, 2006
sheep people: those who follow like a sheep every trend and fad.
My!!, this whole mundo-trasho world is full of trashisocrats,steerage-class and sheeple who only need the 'baah,baah' sound effest effect to complete the task!
by hytham_hammer August 01, 2005
People who believe everything they hear in the mainstream media and will not believe anything that hasn't been confirmed by the mainstream media.
Of course they'll believe it, they're sheeple.
by Insatiable curiosity September 10, 2012

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