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Sheeple (def.): Any group of people who are perceived (by the user of the term) to hold the majority view on a given matter where said view is in disagreement with the user of the term

Logical note: The term "Sheeple" is most often used as an "Ad Hominem" (for definition, see:
). It is meant to imply that a person or group of people are unthinking conformists who only believe what they believe because (insert conformity-related reason here), and not on any evidential, rational, justified, grounds. For many, this is preferable to actually examining what (if any) grounds a given person might have for their belief(s), s
1. "Anyone who still thinks Lost is a good show after Season 3 is just another example of Sheeple"
2. "You believe that 9-11 wasn't an inside job? Clearly you're a Sheeple."
3. "You think the Holocaust actually happened? Sheeple!"
4. "You don't recognize that Ron Paul is the only politician worth listening to/voting for? You voted for Obama? What a Sheeple!"
5. "You listen to Rush Limbaugh? You're such a Sheeple".
by Kerrigore2 April 13, 2009
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