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Located in the outskirts of Fort Myers, FL, this small town has packed a ton of people into it. They have a bowling alley, shopping centers, and a big variety of churches. They used to have a movie theatre but it's a church now. Most people have never heard of Lehigh, but they seem to be attempting at being well known, as they keep on building, and expanding.
While on vacation someone asks a woman where she is from.

Woman: Lehigh Acres..It's right near Fort Myers.

Other person: Oh, I know where Fort Myers is.
by Krystalynnnnn July 10, 2008
Best freaking unknown punk band on Earth!
I love Bowling For Soup, they are pretty damn awesome.
by Krystalynnnnn July 10, 2008
Loser Best Friend Forever!
I love my L.B.F.F.E. Alli!
by Krystalynnnnn June 20, 2008
A dinner consisting of..
just cereal.
Everyone loves a kathy dinner.
by Krystalynnnnn July 12, 2008
Penis Pal For Life!

They love penises!
My P.P.F.L. loves sexy time!
by Krystalynnnnn June 20, 2008
What a sheep gives birth to after a man has sex with it & gets it pregnant.
I've never seen a sheeple, but I'm waiting!
by Krystalynnnnn July 12, 2008

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