Term used by the newly enlightened to describe people who "don't get it" according to the user. A way to put down other people based upon totally subjective criteria.
"Oh look at those sheeple voting for Kerry. They don't know what I know. I'm so above them. It's nice to know I'm better than most people. Isn't life grand, yet so tragic."
by Bronco September 26, 2005
A word conspiracy theorists use when they lose a debate.
Person1: *Debunking the CT's claims*

Conspiracy theorist: Shut up you dumb sheeple.
by sheeple432 August 31, 2011
Referring to a single individual or group (plural- Sheeples)who believe everything they are told by a religion, a government, or the mass media to be truthful,factual and absolute. A Sheeple fails to question a persons or entities authenticity, authority and or motive. On the political spectrum, sheeples may resemble the Democratic liberal party in the USA in believing that Barrack Hussein Obama is a man of character. Sheeples of the conservative Republican party feign John McCain as a reform candidate for the Presidency. Extreme followers of faith whose actions are deemed acceptable when done in the name of a God are sheeples. Hitler had sheeples. Conspiracy theorists are of the tennent that anyone who tells the truth about anything at all- from Roswell to 9-11 commissions are liars and sheeples. Sheeples want to be led. A sheeple is led. The strongest possibile expression to believe what is most compelling and popular. Sheeples may be brainwashed by tv, radio, newspapers, the government, religion, or God.
The collusion of the media has turned us into a bunch of sheeples who beleive everything that is reported is the unvarnished truth of the matters.

The New York Times and its readers are a bunch of sheeples in believing that the newspaper isn't prejudiced in its content and reporting of news.

Look at all the sheeples at those political rallies.

You are a bunch of sheeples if you really believe we are ever going to see a dime of that $700 billion bailout come back to the taxpayers.

All the sheeples have been abducted by someone or something.

I count sheeples when I go to sleep.

by achranum October 16, 2008
A stupid, pathetic way to call somebody stupid and pathetic.
I don't work because people with jobs are sheeple. Look at them in their commuting herds, baaaaa!
Lend me a hundred, huh?
by No more wire coat-hangers January 31, 2009
The worst neologism in the history of the English language, use of which will derail any serious argument and make the user look like a moron.
Do not use "sheeple" in any place it could not be replaced by "sheep people." Since no sane person would ever write a sentence using "sheep people," NEVER USE "SHEEPLE."
by The English Language September 25, 2007
Two words combined in a desperate attempt to sound clever, most often thrown around by people who fit the definition of the very thing they're railing against.
I know the TRUTH! The Government is run by evil international reptilian Zionist aliens from planet X! Listen to <insert right-wing nutjob demagogue's name here>! He speaks the truth! Don't think so? HA! Clearly you're all a bunch of sheeple!
by Nihilord July 05, 2010
An inability to influnce one's own opinionative thoughts, or processes, due to the overall beliefs/actions of the majority. A 'neo-conformist' typical in America's society. Willful ignorance &/or apatheticness.

A phrase originally coined by William Cooper describing the ill-informed, or dis-informed masses of individuals.

Sheeple commonly depict these traits:

Depravity of recognition, automatic response towards a conflict/event, unquestionable affirmation, surrender upon authority (or authorative figures). The range varies on how convinced the sheeple is in his/her own confidence.
Bill O'Reilly: ...today, we have received a video from Al-Qaeda confirming that terrorist may in fact have set foot upon America; the content in this video also came laced with a warning stating that white collared Americans are a threat to Iraq.


Guy (affably watching Fox News): I wonder if the sheeple are going nuts over this...
by informed12 November 29, 2008

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