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While doing a girl from behind, you take a small spoon and start gingerly digging at her asshole. When she, most likely shocked, looks back to see what the hell is going on, you briskly hold up a poster of Rita Hayworth.
yesterday I was given a Shawshank Redemption, and I have yet to recover.
by AK3 November 03, 2006
SHAWshank redemption is the act of USC quarterback Conner Shaw coming in off the bench and going beast mode at a critical time to engineer an unforeseen and unpredictable victory over a top 5 team on national television.
Dean "There is no way we can win this game , it's 17-0 after 3 quarters. It sucks that Shaw is too injured to play tonight"

Matt " I hope he is too injured , the last thing I wanna see is a SHAWshank redemption"
by Jake Webber 2013 October 28, 2013