32" inch rims found most commonly on old school chevys with lift kits. Named after the NBA star Shaquille O'neil for their massive size. 32 also happens to be the number worn by Shaquille O'neil
Yea boy, I just got them Shaq's on the ride! I'm big stepin' now boy!
by John S. Edwards November 05, 2007
A shaq is when you have to take a huge dump. It usually consists of the following criteria:

1. Abnormally large
2. A definite brown color
3. Usually leaves you slightly retarded after taking it
Man, uh, I just took a really, uh, nasty, uh, shaq.
by Snaggle Tooth Douglas April 30, 2007
The most dominant center ever to play the game of basketball. A rapper, actor, intellectual, entertainer, or all around jack of all trades aka the fucking man. So big deal hes not good free throws, you wouldnt be either if you had hands that were two ft. But I guess thats the price you pay for having a huge penis.
Damn, Shaq dropped 30 and 15, typical night.
by jabobchappy June 19, 2005
When someone insults someone, it is called a shaq. basically a rejection or insult, when everyone joins in
" Oh man, did you see the teacher totally SHAQ his question?"
by notjkin May 04, 2010
the fattest man living on earth who cant seem to understand that he's an old fart and sucks at basketball....and not to mention he got fucking swept in the first round of the playoffs
"yo mommas so fat, i thought she was shaq"

interviewer-"shaq, you went 5 for 827 at the line today, how do u feel"
shaq-"ummmm duyyyy drrrrr ehhhh ummmmm drrrr" (after hours of this shit, he mumbles some crap no one can understand and then tries to carry his fat ass into the locker room)
by gggg84764654 May 02, 2007
One which sucks at basketball, which he proves by shooting under 53% free throws. However he has mastered the art of getting the calls from every referee in the leauge which is the only reason he has sucsess. See lard ass Its like being really huge but not having any knowlege or skill
Shaq sucks at basketball but he is a tank so he murders people in the paint with no fouls called on him. good job shaq you fat ass
by Greg May 08, 2005
A basketball player in the NBA who relies on his fat breasts and stomach to plow his way to the basket to score points. An unskilled brute of a man, who has sub-human intelligence, and in nearly 20 years of being in the public eye, has yet to string 5 words together in a sentence properly. He is known off the court for making juvenile films that are directed at children but appeal to no one, and rapping incoherently over wack beats. Also known as being the worst free throw shooter in the history of the NBA. He refers to himself as MDE-most dominant ever, despite being carried throughout his career by Penny Hardaway, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade.
"Shaq hungry, Shaq need Nestle Crunch. Shaq just big kid. I still pee pants and scare of dark."

Do you want me to shoot it, do you want me to pass it, do you want me to slam???
by Jerrold December 04, 2007
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