The act of fucking your girl by force even if she doesnt feel like fucking you.
Melissa, you better give it up, or Ima have to shaq you.
by Toronto Raptors January 30, 2008
an NBA player who came from LSU and is now playing for the Miami Heat. known for being the biggest, most overpaid and most cock-eyed dood in the world. also has a crappy line of shoes
Interviewer: how do you feel about the upcoming NBA season?

Shaq: i uhhhhhhhh......ummmmmmmm........

uhhhhhhhhhhh.......uummmmmmmmmmmmmm (mumbles)
by tha truth teller October 03, 2006
Short for Shaquille O'Neal; NBA player, movie star, terrible rapper, general faggot.
Wow, Shaq is 4-for-17 from the free throw line tonight.
by Del Tha Funkee Homosapien February 16, 2005
The manliest man you will ever meet, his presence makes women go wild often engaging in the act of throwing their bras or panties at him. He also has the ability to serve a volleyball at impossible speeds often breaking the sound barrier. Shaqs are descended from the heavens and can turn water into wine and walk on water. They are charismatic and envied by other men.
man 1: Dude did you see that ace?

man 2: yea, only a shaq would be able to do that
by PersianMessiah January 25, 2011
"Lord Of Darkness" Shaq is a pimpin,big ol black guy in the NBA.He Owns Because you are powerless if he starts to punk you with no weapons!Over all Shaq pwnzers all!
"dude,shaq just own that guy pretty badly!"

"Kobe dosent stand a chance against shaq!!!"
by Soto301 October 01, 2007
huge ass cock
your shaq is hangin out
by the french tickler March 13, 2004
A bowl of marijuana that is sooo packed that the ganja begins to overflow from the bowl. It is refered to as a shaq bowl because of the massive amounts of marijuna in one bowl.
Let's pack a Shaq.

Dude that Shaq bowl got me straight raised.

No more Shaq bowls please.
by JEMROKA November 19, 2011
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