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the best person ever; the epitome of sex. very smart and intellectual. Can grow a great beard.
I banged Shann last night, how would I describe it? One word. Wow.
by ali-sara-we-love-karma December 21, 2010
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N. Shortend version of Shannon . Small, but wise. A man who is stubborn, cause hes usually right. Courageous to speak his mind. Compassionate, prince charming, who treats women w/the utmost respect. Loves to love women showering them w/compliments. Gods gift to women. Problem solver. Very engaging smiling irish eyes. Great listener. When having a conversation w/him feels like ur the only one in the world his gaze is so strong. blood transfusion every three weeks.
V. to be showered w/adoration, to be given problem solving advice, get a blood transfusion, an excitment and love for life
If u know a Shann u are very lucky, since his irish luck overflow and splashes on to people.
u know u are loved
"I got Shann advice from him"
"He was Shanning me w/attention all night"
"Im so Shann "
"Had to get a Shann yesterday"
by MisterSmalls March 18, 2013
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Someone who thrives on fabricating everything from personality to the vehicle they drive to get by with out paying their way.

Also Known for acting like they have money, but instead has none.
:: Shann pulls up in his ride::

Matt: Is that a M3 Beamer?

Shann: No, it's the 325i, put an M3 suspension & took the emblems off to make it look like a M3

Matt: Cool... you should drive around uptown.

Shann: Good Idea, I'll pull a cougar and get paid.
by 1TVSTARR September 28, 2011
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