A girl that is annoying and sucks dick 24/7
Man shes a Shane
by piggysu June 08, 2014
Absolute ugly cunt with a head like a retarded frog. He has the smallest penis known to man and can not fuck bitches if he paid them.
What an ugly fuck. Must be a shane
by Dyldo89 February 22, 2015
A very weird and confuzzling person who assumes it is a monday when it is infact a friday
Shane: Feels like a Monday

Don: WTF are you saying. get out of this classroom!
by projectoverview April 09, 2010
This sassy little biatch will monkey crawl into your world like it comes more natural than walking. He makes Beyonce look like a squashed fly on your car bonnet. If you talk about Mclay to him he'll accuse you of having weed in the house but it's Okay because he's just a little sassy 12 year old.
"OMG is that a sassy, weed accusing monkey?!"
"No, it's just Shane"
by Nignogyup August 11, 2014
A fake ginger with blue eyes, a pervert with many "lady friends"
Aubrey: hes so hot!!
Valerie: he must be a shane
Aubrey: id do him
by Valerie&Aubrey February 04, 2012
1 cm piner ,fat shit eats all day and more bad things
by Dake6969 January 03, 2014
To trip and/or shoot someone to give yourself a better chance to get away from a herd or horde of zombies.
During a run for supplies, Joe shaned John by shooting him in the leg. John was then overrun by zombies which allowed for Joe to get away without injury.
by EpilepticZ0mbie March 01, 2013
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