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usually a gay boy.
likes to have fun, makeout with his bestfriends boyfriends.
very obese
shane: not a very nice person very insecure .
takes his anger out on people

Friends:'ffeel very bad for him even though he is a compulsive liar..
by ashleigh hutton February 14, 2013
5 16
Stands for Suck his ass n' eat shit
Fancy a Shanes big boy....
by Shane Sale October 04, 2006
5 20
a small as peice of shit left on the bottom of a old lady balls after she is done sniffing also known as smelling or dropping a hansen
oh my god there is a hansen on her.dude thats such a shane.
by awesomepossom1994 July 10, 2011
8 24
Shane stands for a boy who has a small dick and is a greasy monkey who never actually works on cars, just says he is going to. Shane is a small boy who likes to tattoo himself and laughs like a hyena.he may one day grow up but till he does he just watches cartoons and looks at car pictures and loves to watch porn.
Ryan: Shane how's it hanging?
Shane: shriveled and to the left.

You fuck fuck guy!
by iamjdm January 22, 2011
14 30
Shane is a person who thinks the world of himself and always compares himself to others. He is obsessed with his "large" penis and constantly compares it to his friends. Shane is cheap because he spends all of his money on pot. Shane also believes pot is the cure to the worlds problems and will eventually bring world peace. He is always right even when he is wrong and has many characteristics of a sociopath, including a lack of conscience. His political views are one sided. Shane has an extended vocabulary, but doesn't apply the terms correctly. Hoes before bros is his motto. Last, but not least, he is extremely "fit" and and more "intelligent" than anyone around him.
I can't believe how much of a "Shane" that guy is.
by Douche Finder September 28, 2010
24 40
Usually the term used for a pawnshop worker with no skills. No skill at playing any games. JUST washed up period.
You just got shane at the pawnshop.

I just notice you have no shane on EVE Online.
by lous January 22, 2011
6 23
Someone who sucks at guitar, and hardcore dances like a dinosaur with tiny arms.

Also can be referred to as a "premature ejaculator"
Totally pulled a Shane.
by Jewmasternazi666 June 25, 2010
30 47