An all around boss who resides in The Kave with his friends. He has a huge dick.
Brady: Wow! Shane, you are so cool.
Keaton: I know, I wish that I could be like him.
by Lannne January 04, 2015
To make fun of someone completely to the point where they have been utterly rinsed.
Ahhh mate you just got fully shaned.
by gfdgfdsffds August 16, 2010
An individuals pubic hair
I have just shaved my Shane off today I am now baby smooth
by Pnameruiner March 01, 2014
This sassy little biatch will monkey crawl into your world like it comes more natural than walking. He makes Beyonce look like a squashed fly on your car bonnet. If you talk about Mclay to him he'll accuse you of having weed in the house but it's Okay because he's just a little sassy 12 year old.
"OMG is that a sassy, weed accusing monkey?!"
"No, it's just Shane"
by Nignogyup August 11, 2014
This guy will never give up on the girl he loves, even if you lose contact with him be it for a few day a few weeks or a few months don't give up on your relationship/friendship because he wont. and a bonus he's intelligent, fit and great in the sac
Social Network Chat
Girl: hay long time no chat..
Shane: hay yeah i know been too long
Girl:yeah must be like 2 months right.?
Shane:39 days. i missed you everyday.
by the girl you always loved July 14, 2011
I naughty little hobbit like creature that walks around slightly bent over and hobbles like a duck. He dwells in dark area's on the hunt for meat.

This creature is dangerous and should be avoided or he may take your jewels.
Watch out! I see Shane!!
by rubrub June 28, 2010
A girl that is annoying and sucks dick 24/7
Man shes a Shane
by piggysu June 08, 2014

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