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shane is the best friend you will ever have. girls be careful because he is easy to love and hard to hate. knowing him for a long time will increase your friendship with him. but be aware that guys with the name shane are normally players. shane can be known to have many different girls and can get a girlfriend whenever he wants. most guys named shane are amazing athletes but not very modest about it. he can say anything to make you feel better and knows exactly what to say to you to make you feel wanted. you can normally trust him but be careful because he can use it against you to get something he wants. shane is someone you want to be good friends with because you know you can always count on him. if you start to like shane and want him as your boyfriend, get him as quickly as you can, because as soon as you start wanting him he might find someone else. always tell him exactly what you are trying to say and always explain everything to him. guys with the name shane don't tend to be extremely smart... sometimes shane will be bipolar but you can always love shane. if you like him, just tell him because guys with the name shane have a hard time picking just one girlfriend and chances are, if you have known him for a long time, that he will ask you out.
girl 1: why do you like shane?

girl 2: i'm not sure. maybe its the combination of our great friendship and how much i trust him.
by soccergrl13 April 12, 2011
18 12
A boy with the biggest heart, but sometimes doesn't know what to do with it. Dates around but treats his women like gold while he has them. He has six different smiles, and beautiful eyes that show everything he's feeling if you pay attention. Has a good head on his shoulders, knows he'll get somewhere in life, and who he wants beside him while he's getting his life together. Would do anything for someone he loves, especially family. Can make you laugh, cry, smile, and angry all in the same day. Loves to argue, sports, and his little sister. Everything you could want in a man, and someone you'd be lucky to marry.
I wish i was like a shane, he gets all the bitches.
by GirlNextDoor13 December 18, 2011
10 5
An awesome girl who is down right gorgeous and loves to have a good time! She's beautiful on the inside and out. Loves to be around people and make new friends. Watch out guys, this girl will have you wrapped around her finger, so if she likes you, GO FOR IT! Or someone else will! She speaks the truth, very outspoken, and if she hurts you're feelings because she tells the truth, you should get better friends.
Guy 1: Have you met Shane yet?
Guy 2: No...

Guy 3: Maaaannn, you'll fall in love with her smile, laugh... just everything.
by thekittylover11 August 02, 2011
10 8
Is one of the most amazing girls you will ever meet. Her singing will give you chills through your body.... She has the one of the most beautiful smiles and when you hang out with her you will not be disappointed. Shane with her boy-ish good-looks can charm any women of any age, with just a smile. Shane is one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet inside and out. Someone you cannot live without :) <3
She is so Shane!
by thestory.... April 04, 2011
18 16
An individuals pubic hair
I have just shaved my Shane off today I am now baby smooth
by Pnameruiner March 01, 2014
3 2
Shane's are typically seemingly sweet men who will trick you into falling for them, but they eventually break your heart and ruins your life. Shane's also have smallish members and are notorious shower-dodgers
by KatKat130 January 30, 2014
0 5
1 cm piner ,fat shit eats all day and more bad things
by Dake6969 January 03, 2014
2 7