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A very hott boy, that has a nice body. Always smells extremely good and is all gangsta.
Shane, damn that boy smells good.
by Sarrrahh January 19, 2009
223 166
a freaking awsome freind
skyler:sup shane
skyler:your freakin awsome
by sky8183 May 13, 2010
73 33
a boy who a girl deeply fell in love with one day, and wants to spend the rest of their life with him. the most amazing guy you will ever meet. a boy who can always put a smile on your face.
lauren fell in love with shane.

WOW! that shane is amazing
by LOLO HEW April 14, 2010
66 29
Sexy, funny, sweet, a bit of an asshole. He has a naughty mouth and a rapier wit. He has gorgeous blue eyes and a devilish smile that makes you wonder what he is thinking, though he will never tell you. He has the most random thoughts and can make you laugh until you cry.
Shane is amazing...
by Hisgirl4eva January 30, 2012
23 4
he is Really hott! most amazing guy ever I love him. his friends r kool and he loves his girl. he is strong, nice, sweet, caring, amazing, funny, odd, and sexy!<3 ;3 I Love u Shane
Shane = Sexy and Amazing get it?
by Kat<3Shane September 04, 2011
16 6
One who is so amazing, Godly even, He can do anything he wishes. Get any girl he wants, etc. His looks along with his witty charm allow him to win the hearts of anyone. He is Fucking hot as well.
"Damn, I wanna fuck shane"
-Kim kardashian
by ShaneTheBeast! October 08, 2011
15 7
When your cock is so long, it pokes out of your shorts when you get a boner.
Steve: Yo, you see Tom's Shane during the woman's softball game the other day?

Chris: Ya man, that shit was whack!
by Shane in yo Shorts December 22, 2011
12 6