To smoke marijuana right after an earthquake.
In order rid oneself of the tension and anxiety that earthquakes bring about, it is recommended that a shake and bake is implemented.

-Courtney! Did you feel the earthquake?
-Yeah! It was scary!
-How about a shake and bake?
-Alright, I'm coming over.
by fmoralesf June 14, 2010
When you grab a nug of weed and put it in a bag or container of kief and shake it all up then remove the kief covered nug and proceed to "bake" it via pipe, bong etc.
Person 1: "aye i got some bud wanna toke?"

Person 2: "hell ya mayne i got some kief!"

Person 1: "you thinking what im thinking?"

Person 2: "Shake and Bake!!"
by Crackhead Aaron November 18, 2010
In the fire service it means that you are just about to get burnt over.

1. Shake out your fire shelter.

2. Bake in it until the fire passes.
During fire shelter training.

Come on it's time to shake and bake.

When referring to a deployment.

Those guys had to shake and bake to survive.
by AlistairMacIlherron September 21, 2009
Two hetro sexual males who have an un natural love for each other, who up on seeing each other yell out shake and bake and complete a well thought out gay hand Shake.
Naz and Travis are definitely shake and bake.
by Bazzinga October 12, 2010
smoking weerd with someone who has a nervous twitch
lets go shake and bake*twitch*
by Mista Tim December 13, 2009
Medical terminology for "fever and chills", often associated with Amphotericin administration.
Patient X had a systemic fungal infection. After he started a course of Amphotericin, it was nothing but shake and bake with him/her.
by The Professional January 27, 2005
it is when you masturbate/jerkoff untill you are about to cum/climax and then you put yur penis inside of a womens vaina and make sure she gets pregnate. there for you shake (jerk off) and bake (her being pregnante and baking the baby in the womb... lol)
fuck off with the example... and go shake and bake as soon as possible
by adin butler and justin uglem December 03, 2011

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