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When bros don’t use protection for sex.
“Dude, nobody’s got a condom here and Sally wants me to slam her —I guess I’m gonna have to go Bro vs. Wade.”
by sebastian crucial December 05, 2006
A bro who’s never tan, and is so white that he looks like he could glow in the dark.
“Justin needs to take his shirt off and get a tan—if he doesn’t he’ll bro in the dark.”

by sebastian crucial December 05, 2006
Anyone named Sebastian who happens to also be a bastard (literally or figuratively)
dude1"whats that asshole's name again?"
dude2"uhhh sebastian I think."
dude1"you mean sebastard"
by sebastian crucial December 12, 2006
Collectively all the Bros in the city of Roanoke, VA.
bro1:"Were having a Brodown tonight with all of Broanoke."
bro2:"Fuck yeah, I love those bros!"
by sebastian crucial December 05, 2006
The local bar all the bros hang out at.
“I went to Spike's last Friday night and there were so many bros I thought it was a broasis.”
by sebastian crucial December 05, 2006
Some dude who is an crass and an asshole but somehow is cool/rad enought to get his way with lots of babes because for some unknown reason lots of girls are attracted to getting treated like shit.
dude1:"Did you hear about Johnny?"
dude2:"Yeah didn't he pinch Megans nose and make her swallow his cum after a blowjob?"
dude1:"Haha yeah, she loves him though. Damn he's such a Crassanova"
by sebastian crucial December 06, 2006
The bro who knows it all, or thinks he does.
“Dannys a total bro it all-he thinks knows everything about Converge.”
by sebastian crucial December 05, 2006

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