While plugging smoe snapper on the beach, the art of yanking the meat flute out, shoving it into the sand, and going right back in the baby chute.
Mike: Hey, i went out with Courtney last night and we hit North Avenue Beach.

Jed: Did you do the shake and bake on her?

Mike: Damn straight kid, there was sand all up in her snatch and she was pissed!
by da ali g July 28, 2006
To Masturbate to the point of ejaculation
I had a quick shake and bake this morning
by Legendary007 March 15, 2007
have sex at the beach and supersoak the girl on her stomach. roll her over on the sand and when she rolls around you have shake and bake where the sand sticks.
guy: oh shiznit i supersoaked you
girl: omg im rolling around
guy: thats shake and bake biyach.
by WhitePOW November 08, 2007
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