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1. Toothless, inbred zombies wandering South Florida in search of "pain clinics", where oxycodone prescriptions are handed out like Halloween candy. Known pillbilly states consist of: Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and West Virginia.
Look, there's another truck load of pillbillys from Kentucky pulling into the pain clinic parking lot.
by thebasher November 09, 2009
Someone strung out on prescription pills.
Jennifer Sires is a pillbilly.
by Scott October 08, 2003
some from appalachia area hooked on narcotics including oxycotin
just about everyone in eastern kentucky can be called pillbilly
by starkeyscott May 28, 2009
A person from West Virginia,Ohio,or Kentucky that travels down to Broward County,Florida to buy prescription drugs and take them home to abuse them and/or sell for profits. Or just a hillbilly with a Oxycontin/30mg pill addiction.
I know this guy that told me,Kentucky has the most prescription drug abusers. He was a total "pillbilly"
by Big Crutch July 12, 2011
A person who abuses prescription pills.
I can't believe Bob is a pillbilly.
by Broyal September 11, 2016
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