Shadow the hedgehog, Sega's Newest Hedgehog Character that you can play as on SA2, Be shadow and His dark team, Featuring The characters, Rouge the Bat Eggman, Also A hedgehog that Has a voice that makes him sound like a gay, XD
Shadow says "I'm gay with sonic, sonic's my lover!"
Sonic says "Yeah baby, your so hot, i love your sexy black body"
Basically a black and red version of Sonic the Hedgehog. He is supposevly the Ultimate Life Form created by Professor Gerald(Eggman's Grandpa). He first appears in Sonic Adventure 2 where he has a bad case of amnesia and can't remember his purpose. He teams up with Eggman and Rouge the Bat to find all the emeralds. He calls Sonic a poser and makes him his rival until the end of the game where they all team up because the Space Colony ARK is gonna crash with earth. To kill huge thing, he becomes Hyper Shadow with the aid of the Chaos Emeralds. After Hyper Shadow and Super Sonic kill the Finalhazard, Shadow "dies" and falls to earth. Shadow appears again in Sonic Battle which is a version of Super Smash Bros only Sonic Style. Shadow isn't very important in this game though, as Emeral the Robot takes all the glory of beatin Eggman. In Sonic Heroes, Shadow teams up with Rough and Omega to form Team Dark to go after Eggman. In the end they find that Eggman is not the true enemy, but Metal Sonic is. So Team Dark teams up with Team Sonic(Sonic,Tails, and Knuckles), Team Rose(Amy,Cream and Big)and Team Chaotix(Espio,Charmy and Vector) to kill Metal Overloard and save the planet again.
Shadow the Hedgehog is waaay spiffier than Sonic the Hedgehog
by Heroic Ling Ling November 14, 2004
One of the most coolest,Popular, badass, complex, powerful Sonic Character's this side the Sonic Franchise. Knuckles The Echidna and Metal Sonic have Once Rivaled Sonic The Hedgehog in Speed and Power, but now as time goes by so does most competition. Shadow has proven himself that he's Sonic The Hedgehog's most powerful and Formidible Arch Rival Ever to grace his True Blueness. Shadow is now Sonic's Real True Rival in speed and Power, Shadow can easily match his blue counterpart to last last mile per hour in terms of speed, with the help with his powerful body and hover shoes, He is one of the most fastest Sonic Characters ever. With macthing looks, abilitys, and acrobatic moves, Shadow is to Sonic as Wario is to Mario, a doppleganger character to the Main Character.

Shadow's special ablity and Signature move is Chaos Control, his Chaos powers come directly from the Emeralds he possess (even thought he needs no emeralds to preform these tricks) the choas emeralds amplify his strength and speed ten fold making the After affects of Chaos Control even more deadly.

Born in the Space colony ark, Shadow The Hedgehog is Dr. Gerald Robotnick's greastest creation, he was a benevolent man with his Grandaughter Maria, he wanted to benifit mankind in everyway, he also researches Chaos Emmerald's and Immortality. Soon discovering his Grandaughter had a disease called NIDS, he started working on a project known as Shadow who would later befriend the scientist's granddaughter. Soon after he was created, Shadow and Maria were best friends, But when a Incident happened involing the G.U.N. forces of earth, Gerald was captured and Shadow and Maria were in trouble. Maria had gotten killed by one of the soliders, while Shadow was safe in a cryo tube, due to the sacrifice Maria had done. Shadow 50 years later wanted revenge on the humans that killed Maria in cold blood, Eggmnan soon discoverd that Gerald (his grandfather) had left him a weapon for him to conquer the world, Shadow was that weapon.

In a battle between good and evil Shadow relized Maria wanted peace and happiness not Revenge. So he sacrificed his life to save the planet from the destrution of the ark and his prototype Biolizard.

Shadow's best freinds are, His Rival Sonic sometimes, Rouge The Bat, and E-123 Omega. His personaltiy differs from sonic, He's Depressed, Violent, Calm, Collected, Ruthless, and somewhat cocky. He will do anything to get what he wants.

His popualarity is massive and off the wall, he has so many fans and yet so many hater/dislikers as well. He's with out a doubt is one of the greatest Sonic Characters of all time. The Ultimate LifeForm is Shadow The Hedgehogs. Sonic has met his match.

My name is Shadow The Hedgehog, I'm the world's ultimate lifeform, there's no time for games, farewell.
by crasher October 24, 2006
Mary Sue that thinks that he's so badass, and has a bunch of blind fangirls, who think that he is theirs, when he and Rouge the Bat share love, and they are an official couple. To me, in my opinion they are a couple. I'm sorry if I offend anyone with this.
Shadow Fangirl (AKA Dumbass): SHADOW IS MINE!!111!one!!11!!!!111!ONE!! Rouge is just a titty slut!!11!1!!

Shadouge supporter (AKA Smart guy): No, he belongs to Rouge the bat, because they're actually moments of them sharing sexual emotion towards each other. Shadow the hedgehog is not yours, if he was, he would at least know your name.
by Boot_To_The_Head June 18, 2008
name of the hellchild game starring Shadow, where together with the sick bastards at SEGA, go on to completely annihalate the child fanbase
life would officially suck the day the pass mario the uzi..
by shadow has a big f***in gun May 29, 2005
Shadow the Hedgehog is the Ultimate Life Form, created by Prof. Gerald Robotnik and Black Doom, who dies at the end of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and "reincarnated" in Sonic Heroes. Then stars in his own (awesome) game. And if beaten in neutral mode, he finds out he's an android, created by Prof. Gerald's grandson, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
"I am Shadow Android. The Ultimate Battle Life Form, created by Eggman. You may have made me, Doctor, but I will lead this Empire and androids will RULE. This is WHO I AM."(all other times he says, "I am Shadow the Hedgehog", but always says "This is WHO I AM")
by Chao'sChaos August 10, 2006
Shadow is a black and red hedgehog with a horrible past the only thing he was created for was to destroy the humans on the A.R.K , Maria ,the grand daughter of Proffesor Gerald Robotnik dies due to the g.u.n men , as a result the Doctor only wants revenge creating Shadow, soon after being re-awakend by Eggman and fighting in the a.r.k they soon learn what shadow's motive was all along so when Amy convinces shadow ( sa2b version) that he should help and after a little memory with Maria to help boost things up shadow teams up with Sonic to help the humans save earth I personally believe shadow is waayyy better than sonic since he would give up anything to help his friends and even though he's tough on the outside he's really kind and gentle in the indside so there's my definition of shadow the hedgehog (ps.remember kids he's mine ;D)
Shadow the hedgehog Sa2b
by Amy~chan June 07, 2005
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