Name of a villian in Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. Took on the form of Shadow and started a turd war of his own.

Name also applies to some Dance/Industrial band formed about a year and a half ago...Trippy ass shit
Mephiles: hahaha Shadow now I can do anything I want with this form! I'm going to take back what is mine!

Shadow: *unimpressed* yeah...

Some Sonic fan looks up bands named after his "hourly worship"

Sonic fanboy: o.0 WTF THERES A BAND CALLED MEPHILES!? GAWD Im gonna listen to em forevah cuz Sonic rulez. I wonder if therez a band called Chaos Control...*ponders and spends hours more on the godforsaken cybernet, playing WOW every few hours then going back to playing his 360 on Sonic 06*
by Cumatoid August 16, 2010

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