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Rouge the Bat is a fictional character in Sonic the Hedgehog.She has most of the abilities of her rival Knuckles the Echidna though it is confirmed that she has a crush on Knuckles and he also cares for her safety :). Although there is not a lot of chance they will be together as in the Archie Comics Knuckles is a soul mate to Julie Su >:(
An egxample that Rouge and Knuckles like each other is in SA2(Sonic Adventure 2) when Knuckles saves Rouge when she loses her balance and is about to fall into molten lava.
Rouge's appearence in most games and shows is a black jumpsuit with a heart on it. White boots and gloves, on the tip of her boots are also hearts though in Sonic Heroes and Sonic Riders she wears something different.
Rouge is also said to like Shadow the Hedgehog though I think it is a brother and sister relationship.
Although in replace of Knuckles the Echidna's punch, Rouge the Bat can kick with the same amount of strength.
by Yinyin108 March 04, 2007
A sly, theiving, and sexy voiced bat character from the Sonic the hadgehog. As a master theif, and a government spy, she has become a world famous tresure hunter and Knuckles the echidna's greatest rival.
And she does NOT love Knuckles, so SHUT UP, rouge and knuckles fan!
by Lunarstone April 07, 2004
Government spy in Sonic the Hedgehog. Seems to have a grudge against Knuckles.
Gliding seems like an appropriate ability for Rouge the Bat.
by Light Joker March 14, 2004
Rouge is a sly orange and white bat tht works for the government and absolutely loves jewels in sonic x(the anime cartoon) and does care for Shadow the hedgehog in a siblings way. But she has a crush on Knuckles the echidna and he does to but is to shy to admit it. Rouges apperinces are in sonic x, Sonic Heroes SA2 and most other games but not Mario and sonic go to the olmypic games.P.S. SHE IS NOT A SLUT!!!! XP
Rouge The Bat:When ever knuckles and Rouge are together they no they like each other but break into fights.
by Rouge The Bat's ultimate fan July 10, 2008
Kicking, jewel-loving bat from Sonic the hedgehog(first apperance Sonic Adeventure 2). Loves Knuckles. Knuckles loves her too but would never admit it.
Rouge and Knuckles=love. STUPID non-belivers read this(no-one else read it. don't be angry at me if you do I told you not to so just blame yo'self...):

Knuckles holds Rouge's hand in SA2 after their battle! Hahaha! I bet non-belivers didn't know that...too stupid to get to that part of the game eh? I thought they were gonna kiss even! Oh and to ruin more-Shadow dies. Listen to theme tune though...oh and in Sonic heroes that Shadow is a ROBOT! hahaha!(oh btw I said "that" cuz Shadow breathes and cries in SA2-more spoilers! crying! hahaha! there's a boss called the biolizard!)
by Ghiz January 04, 2005
A bat with Tits from the famous Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.
Creepy Dude: I just drew some sexy rouge the bat fan art!
Normal Man: Why?
by One of Egoraptors Chins February 08, 2015
A White bat which is obsesed with gems. she is tring to take the master emerald but knuckles always stops her. She uses her feet for weapons.
She Probaly manipulates knuckles to get his master emerald that's probably why it looks like she likes knuckles
by Colton May 07, 2004
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