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Sexual Retard; Homosexual, either male or female. Someone who has not developed enough sexually to enjoy sex with a partner of the opposite sex. Something wrong, sexually, that causes a man to place his penis inside another man's butt, or vis versa. Sextarded women are lesbians who have been raped or haven't completely developed sexually, thus causing them to only have sexual relations with women or girls.
Stop saying "that's so gay" when you really mean Johnny's a sextard.

Look at that sextard - something's got to be really screwed up in his head to like getting a man's dick in his anus.

Suzie can give good head if she concentrates, but she's really a sextarded lesbian who would rather be lick'n twat.
by Ricardovitz October 05, 2009
someone who is just plain bad in bed (and not in the "ooh, you naughty boy!" way). someone who doesnt understand what to do, why to do it, or who has no real concept of what sex involves. a true sextard will not realise their abnormalities... they may perform strange acts and be surprised when such acts are not appreciated.
oh my gosh! get your toe out of my nose! you're such a sextard!
by charli88 December 29, 2005
Somebody who just can't figure out how to fit the peg in the hole.
Will and Laura tried to have sex, but they just couldn't figure it out. They're both bloody sextards.
by ottonomy December 02, 2003
A tard held incommunicado exclusively for the purpose of grotesque sexual gratification. If the gratification is not grotesque, the subject is not a sextard, but a simple gimp, even if the gimp in question is, in fact, a tard.
Ex: Dude, that fuck on "The Wonder Years" reminds me of the sextard we had when I was a kid.
by Phyrexian Buttraper February 27, 2003
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