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When someone seemingly falls off the face of the earth despite the fact they have the technology to keep in touch. This includes cell phones, text messages, and mobile email.
When John A travels for work, he becomes totally incommunicado and leaves peoples wondering if he is still alive.
by LittleLadie March 01, 2010
Two people that are communication but might as well be incommuncado because they rarely see each other. It's only written as it sounds exactly like it's antonym.
Our schedules suck.. you make a lousy booty call but lets stay in-communicado until you get fired.
by MonkeyBreath2 May 25, 2010
Refusing to communicate to one another because of something bad that has happened between two people, e.g. after a fight or something that has hurt or offended the two.
Reps. Cummings and Issa remain incommunicado after clash in Congress
by Silent Lake March 06, 2014

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