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1. A street
2. A way to open shit
There are plenty of sesame seeds, but what the hell is a sesame? I don't know, we never give it a chance to grow!
by Charlie April 13, 2005
When a person asks themselves a question, Sesame is the one who answers.

I often talk to myself, especially when I need expert advice; sometimes Sesame answers.

When you are stuck on a problem sometimes talking to yourself out loud helps clarify the problem parameters. With the problem clarified a solution sometimes becomes obvious.
"How do you get into this damn thing?" "Just say 'open' " said Sesame.
#retorical #retorical question #grandiloquence #magniloquence #magniloquent #cockalorum #chimera #nonentity #conceit #allusion
by Sesame42 December 02, 2013
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