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A lovable blond girl. Who's usually the following things:

A great girlfriend
Animal Lover
She's such a Maisie! I just want to hug her!
by Ladybug Mistress March 29, 2008
One of the funniest, loveliest and most unique people you know. Someone with an incredible sense of humor and knows how to make you smile. Someone you can always rely on. Beautiful inside and out.
*Everyone laughs*
Person A: Who told that joke?
Person B: Got to have been Maisie
Person A: Of course!
by Laurenosaurus November 01, 2011
A term used to refer to spending a whole night spooning with someone.

Also used;
"let's just say we Maisie'd all night long, and it was great!"
by MaisieVomitsRainbows April 23, 2008

A absolutely mental girl who is in love with unicorns. She would be the first person to cry in any situation but she is usually very hyper. On the inside she is probably rainbow colored as she is so addicted to them. She also fancies Connors.
Hey look that girl is really excited but last lesson she was crying, it must be must a Maisie and Connor must of just been next to her!
by mooksnook October 13, 2014
a type of manicure where it is a rainbow from thumb to pinky, but each nail has two colors on it, the color it should be then the color to the left of it
The Maisie:

Right Hand Thumb: *red/yellow

First Finger: yellow/green

Middle Finger: green/blue

Ring Finger: blue/purple
Pinky: purple/red

*the color listed first should be on the side of the nail facing outwards from the thumb
by je_m'appelle July 21, 2009
Stupid Texan Squirrel

Favorite food: Nuts!!!

Breeding habits: all year round 24/7

Personality: This squirrel loves nuts more than any other squirrel. It is also much stupider than the red or grey squirrels and always gets eaten. Breeds constantly.
Oh look, A Maisie is humping my foot!
by Dunks the donut October 17, 2010
A beautiful girl dachshund who could be a doggy model, but she has one dark secret. She likes to munch on her and other dog's shit.
Look at Maisie go, she is eating that Doberman Pinscher's shit again.
by shoots stuff out of stomach August 05, 2015
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