noun. A deadly, vicious disease that struck seniors (12th graders) when they get sick of high school and cause them to get more lazy, down, and tired.
My Friend and I are going through senioritis and its ugly.
by asianvirtuous March 17, 2003
A symptom that seniors in high school usually have. It causes them to not try hard in school, skip class and go to the beach as well as think they are better than all of the underclass men. All they are looking toward to is graduation and to finally be in college.
Senior 1 "Should we go to school today?"
Senior 2 "No, I mean we're seniors so let's just skip and we'll go to the beach"

Senior 1 "That sounds like a better idea, besides we're graduating in 5 months"
Senior 2 "Haha, we have a bad case of senioritis"
by Marina Simmity October 23, 2013
The mindset of not needing to do anything such as, succeeding in school or participating in any events.
Example: "Penny got straight C's this semester, she must have senioritis."
by K8. M October 22, 2013
Something commonly found in high school seniors, that ive had since freshman year.
Senior: Dude your a sophomore?
Me: Yeah.
Senior: I had no clue, you have major senioritis.
Me: Man ive had that since i got here
by Por Que!!!!!!!!!!! June 24, 2011
The state of being a senior in high school, after receiving an admission to the university or college of your choice. It is the point when one is almost incapable of taking school seriously, because a good average is no longer necessary.
Symptoms of senioritis are lower grades, increased partying, and a lot more sleep and free time.
She already got into McMaster, with a 95 average. Now all she has to maintain is a 70. I think she's about to come down with a serious case of senioritis
by SingingStorm May 19, 2009
The brain disease you get at the end of your senior year.

The poor thing let her grades slip at the end of the year.

Yeah, I heard she came down with a bad case of Senioritis
by 8089364496 January 29, 2009
When you leave your backpack in your car trunk from 3pm - 8am.
I have senioritis; I didn't even need my backpack last night.
by asiu February 03, 2007
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