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symptoms of senioritis are variable. Most cases of senioritis tend to start after college applications and mid-year reports have been sent in. This entails a student not doing any work whatsoever, skipping class a lot, getting stoned/drunk for the first time ever, being apathetic about everything, and resenting taking all those hard classes to impress your favorite college which you won't get in most likely because it's too expensive.

Also, seniors with senioritis tend to play pranks on others, sometimes doing thinks that they would never consider doing. But its alright because detention is alright after your mid-year reports are sent in.

Senioritis has been documented in a significant minority of seniors usually at the end of the 4th quarter of the junior year. This entails that the student usually doesn't do his college essay unitl the last week before the college applications are due. However, the student feels very smug because he got away with it.

In other cases, senioritis may show signs early on in birth, then progressing in elementary school, middle school, and the beginning of 9th grade. This usually means that the student goes to a bad school where he or she (usually he) has to take stupid, nonsensical courses, and question the validacy of the system.

Senioritis usually can be diagnosed by the student himself or by colleagues of the student such as a teacher.

Treatment for senioritis: Continue to slack off for the rest of the senior year, doing whatever you want. Usually graduation is the pinnacle for the end of senioritis for the student effectively becomes a college student and has to work hard otherwise he works at Burger Shack.

In some cases, treatment may not work, and the student may exhibit senioritis in college. In these cases, it is adviseable for the student to do research on "procrastination" and possibly visit a psychiatrist for further treatment.

Senioritis affects everyone, regardless of sex, age, height, race, etc. It happens naturally like chicken pox, or diarrhea.

Often the quote for seniors with senioritis is, "Whateva, whateva, I'll do what I waunt," as exhibited by the senioritic Eric Cartman from the show South Park.
My senioritis started around the beginning of 6th grade when I didn't do many assignments until 9 pm. I thought this was procrastination but I learned otherwise (when my teacher found out I watched the movie instead of reading the book).

"Whateva, whateva, I'll do what I waunt, whenever I waunt." ~ Eric Cartman

"Why didn't you do your math homework?

"Oh, who studies for a math test anyways. I've got senioritis"

Fei Xu, a colleague of mine, skipped gym class to play ping pong with the handicapped.

You have a 10 page research paper due tomorrow, and you don't care.

You have a 10 page research paper due tomorrow, BUT you have a snow day tomorrow, and you still don't do it on the snow day.
by hkiehs February 13, 2005

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