A deadly disease that strikes high school seniors. This disease makes seniors wear really smelly clothes, over styling their hair and the boys don't care about shaving anymore. It also allows seniors to make excuses for not coming to school repeatedly and it also allows them to party and get drunk as hell like college kids until they get in trouble with the police. Only cures are to put them in college or graduation.
Junior: Hey man, where have you been? I haven't seen you at school for two months.
Senior: Dude, I have Senioritis. I don't give a shit about my grades anymore.
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by AdomC March 21, 2015
a medical issue that occurs when one becomes a senior, this is usually caused by a lot of stress put on a student in the freshman, sophomore, and junior years, this bug causes major laziness and is a cause for many lazy students who just want to get out of there
Bob has senioritis therefore he is lazy.
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by ?????????BIGDOG????????? September 10, 2006
A common virus that infects all teenagers usually in their second semester of the school year that may cause them to sleep, slack, and generally not pay attention in all of their classes until their teachers become annoyed with their lifess presence.
I have been infected with senioritis and can no longer continue my school work.
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by Yeslec January 14, 2009
An attitude that high school seniors adopt anywhere from the start of the school year towards the end. Symptoms include a decreased motivation to do homework, study, or even pay attention during class. Frequent absences and/or tardies are common. Basically when you are infected you do not care that you are infected because you have lost motivation to care about anything. Senioritis is a form of being burned-out on school and the same routine you have had since you can remember.
"Bobby, you have had 6 absences in the past month, have several missing asignments, almost all F's, and you just sit there doing nothing. What are you doing with your life?"

"I don't know or care; blame it on the senioritis."
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by HiAasAKite October 01, 2009
Senioritis: A term used colloquially in the United States and Canada to describe the decreased motivation toward studies displayed by students who are nearing the end of their high school or college careers. It is typically said to include slowness, procrastination, apathy regarding school work, and a tendency toward truancy.

Many high school and college students find themselves in a type of lame duck situation: their plans are made and a new chapter in their life is about to begin, so finishing the current chapter (the current term separating them from graduation) becomes just a formality or "holding pattern."

" Because now we have a better excuse to skip class and were starting early"
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by hotice January 31, 2008
noun. A functional disorder usually affecting high school and college seniors "close" to graduation. Symptoms include : laziness, apathy, mass consumption of McDonald's and Americanized Mexican food, wasting large quantities of time on facebook, Instagram and Twitter, narcolepsy, absence of school materials, depression thinking about the next four years of school, diarrhea from eating too much Americanized Mexican food, loss of purpose, excessive partying and beer pong, reckless sexual behavior, sweat pants, beanies, non-matching socks (or shoes), non- aggressive aggressiveness towards school, nappy hair, ridiculous procrastination, neglect of hygienic activities, catching up on sleep, average GPA dropping by one or more points, dehydration and increased urination from binge drinking.
I got on my computer to do chemistry homework, but then I went to urban dictionary to see if my lack of motivation in anything was senioritis.
I found out I have senioritis, so then instead of doing my chemistry homework, I wrote the bajillionth definition of senioritis on urban dictionary.
I now had time to do my chemistry homework, but proceeded to edit my definition of senioritis on urban dictionary instead.
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by Choborr November 30, 2014
Adj. The feeling that one has after applying or being accepted to college. WARNING senioritis may cause students to: loose focus, stop taking notes, stop bringing note books, stop bringing bags, not care at all about tests and grades, and feel massive urge to revert back to preschool behavior (this includes napping at inappropriate times, and coloring in hello kitty or disney princess coloring books).
Amy: Did you study for the McCully Test?

Emily: No I have been coloring instead, it seems like a better use of my time.
Amy: I can't wait to hear back from schools, then I can have senioritis as bad as yours.
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by Emmiebeee January 14, 2010
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