noun. A functional disorder usually affecting high school and college seniors "close" to graduation. Symptoms include : laziness, apathy, mass consumption of McDonald's and Americanized Mexican food, wasting large quantities of time on facebook, Instagram and Twitter, narcolepsy, absence of school materials, depression thinking about the next four years of school, diarrhea from eating too much Americanized Mexican food, loss of purpose, excessive partying and beer pong, reckless sexual behavior, sweat pants, beanies, non-matching socks (or shoes), non- aggressive aggressiveness towards school, nappy hair, ridiculous procrastination, neglect of hygienic activities, catching up on sleep, average GPA dropping by one or more points, dehydration and increased urination from binge drinking.
I got on my computer to do chemistry homework, but then I went to urban dictionary to see if my lack of motivation in anything was senioritis.
I found out I have senioritis, so then instead of doing my chemistry homework, I wrote the bajillionth definition of senioritis on urban dictionary.
I now had time to do my chemistry homework, but proceeded to edit my definition of senioritis on urban dictionary instead.
by Choborr November 30, 2014
A disease affecting mostly high school seniors.

symptoms include:
- laziness

- lack of motivation

- excessive absences in school
- putting off assignments till the very last minute (more than usual)

- feeling of hopelessness

- thoughts of giving up

- feelings of not caring if you graduate or not

- STRESS a lot of stress
- more stress
- constant tired feeling
- irritable about everything

- panic feeling

The only cure for senioritis is to graduate or drop out.
teacher: essays are due by Sunday night at exactly 11:59pm

senior: *starts essay at 11pm and panics till 11:57pm when they submit essay* thanks alot Senioritis
by Mrs. Hemmings November 29, 2015
When seniors pass first semester and start not giving a shit second semester cos they know they made it and theyre going to graduate. Only cure For this is graduation day
Girl 1: "dude why are you wearing sweatpants"
Girl 2 : "I got senioritis man. "
Girl 1: "shit"
by maccaronitoni November 26, 2014
(noun)- a mental condition that affects both the frontal and temporal lobes of the human brain, causing interferences with primary brain functions such as the regulation of consciousness, capacity for learning, production of dopamine, memory formation and recollection of data

Side effects may include, but are not limited to hypersomnia, academic amnesia, chronic apathy, Taco Bell, tardiness, temporary illiteracy, Netflixophilia and spending more time trying to produce a clever Facebook status than working on homework assignments

Ask your doctor to tell your professor how Senioritis is affecting you today.
I got my major in procrastination. #senioritis
by tacohell April 15, 2014
A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. Most cases of senioritis tend to start after college applications and mid-year reports have been sent in. This entails a student not doing any work whatsoever, dismissive attitude, increased absences, general laziness, an over-excessive wearing of sweatpants/sweatshirts & resentment towards taking all those hard classes to impress a favorite college which the student most likely won't attend because of how expensive it is. The only known cure to senioritis is a phenomenon known as GRADUATION.
Teacher: Class, here's a 10 page essay on insert cruelly long & boring novel here to be done by Friday.

Class: Fuck this shit, it's April & my senioritis kicked in about a month ago.
by MommaMayI May 17, 2010
noun. A deadly, vicious disease that struck seniors (12th graders) when they get sick of high school and cause them to get more lazy, down, and tired.
My Friend and I are going through senioritis and its ugly.
by asianvirtuous March 17, 2003
A symptom that seniors in high school usually have. It causes them to not try hard in school, skip class and go to the beach as well as think they are better than all of the underclass men. All they are looking toward to is graduation and to finally be in college.
Senior 1 "Should we go to school today?"
Senior 2 "No, I mean we're seniors so let's just skip and we'll go to the beach"

Senior 1 "That sounds like a better idea, besides we're graduating in 5 months"
Senior 2 "Haha, we have a bad case of senioritis"
by Marina Simmity October 23, 2013

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