A disease that seniors in high school get, symptoms are laziness, the ability to party and care about other things and not school.
William went through his senior year with a bad case of senioritis
by willhawk September 24, 2012
When someone is nearing the end of their senior year and they just can't get modivated about school, or responsibilities.
After prom senioritis was in full effect.
by Elaine April 23, 2004
The inflamation of the Senior. Can result from a bug bite, or some other reaction from an outside source.
Drew, graduating from highschool in less than a month, was soon diagnosed with senioritis when he walked into a patch of poison ivy, leaving his skin puffy and swollen.
by Ben F. Campbell May 19, 2007
Inflammation of the Senior.
"The school doctor was here the other day, and he diagnosed me and five others with Senioritis. Man, this sucks."
by linda September 28, 2006
When you are a senior and don't feel like doing anything but celebrating the last few weeks of your college career.
Oops! I should have gone to class yesterday since we did have a test. My senioritis has really kicked in.
by Chelt April 12, 2004
Snotty to Freshmans.
Damn, that Senior has Senioritis, he's being all snotty.
by elisekim October 24, 2007
the disease that hits old people of around the age of 70, symptoms are grey/white/no hair, hunched backs, cronic deafness, walking canes, and most importantly slow driving!!
Person 1 ~ dude why are they driving so slow!!!

Person 2 ~ dude i see grey hair and the radio is up loud!

Person 1 ~ damn they must have senioritis
by Jade is sweet June 10, 2005
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